Warm winter workwear: Custom hoodies versus branded blazers

Custom hoodies and branded blazers are BIG right now. They can boost your brand awareness and do wonders for uniting your teams during a time that has proven to be trying for everyone. Read on to learn more. 

As businesses continue to muddle their way through the pandemic and its limitations on trading, many entrepreneurs are wondering what the best approach to branded workwear is. Is it still relevant, or should they hold off until next year before supplying corporate attire to their staff? The answer is short and sweet: Custom hoodies and branded blazers are BIG right now. They can boost your brand awareness and do wonders for uniting your teams during a time that has proven to be trying for everyone. 

The value of branded workwear

Branded uniforms are great. They improve brand visibility and improve productivity by engaging your teams with the brand in a tangible way. When you’re considering which attire will be best to brand and incorporate as workwear for your staff, you might come across custom hoodies and branded blazers as options. While we advocate for both, you have to consider which is going to work best for your company based on the current trends and state of the world.  

Custom hoodies versus branded blazers: Which is best for you? 

In the age of dress-down and practicality when it comes to workwear, we are seeing a rise in denims, flat shoes, and other comfort wear in the workplace. Being your most productive while wearing restrictive clothing and uncomfortable shoes is simply not possible. Was it Mark Zuckerberg that first showed the world that genius can hide in a comfortable and slightly oversized hoodie? Possibly. Nevertheless, in creative, marketing, scientific, or social industries, comfortable is definitely the new cool. If you’re in a financial, legal, medical, or pharmaceutical field, casual probably isn’t your friend just yet. A branded blazer is going to your best option. 

Lockdown attire

Consider the state of affairs in the world. With so many employees opting to work from home because they want to socially-distance themselves alongside the mandatory lockdown regulations, smart wear isn’t necessarily practical. Warm and comfortable branded blazers are likely to do a lot more for your brand and for your staff. For those that are going into the office, comfortable workwear is likely to instil a great sense of capability during an otherwise difficult time. 

Company designation determines your attire

Front of house staff like receptionists, sales consultants, account managers, and representatives will benefit from a smarter image. Branded blazers are ideal in this case. For those who work away from the public eye, like web developers, administrators, accountants, and in the case of event companies, those that set up and take down scaffolding, comfortable and warm custom hoodies will keep the brand image elevated while enabling maximum comfort and practicality. It is entirely possible and practical to designate who gets what kind of workwear based on their role within the company. 

Ready to place your order? View examples of workwear that we’ve created for other brands, here. We love knowing that the workwear we supply to businesses is sustainable, boosting your company’s carbon-rating and commitment to being eco-friendly. Contact us to learn more about this.