Trendy and well-fitted uniforms can improve morale

2020 has been a difficult year for most. Employers have had to innovate under the pressure of keeping as many of their staff employed with limited trading and social distancing in place. Workers feel the pressure to perform in order to remain of value to the company and not lose their position. Pay cuts, reduced revenue-generation and mental fatigue form part of the year’s theme. Well-fitted and trendy uniforms can help to rebuild employee morale within the company. Here’s how. 

  1. Well-fitted uniforms legitimise the employees’ role

Whether your company has a flat structure with no management as such or a distinct hierarchy, well-fitted uniforms add a sense of legitimacy to the position. For example, regardless of rank, a blazer that’s customised will add a sense of class to a sales consultant’s role while a smart polo shirt adds approachability. A branded hoodie is the perfect daywear for back-end staff, conferring comfort and style simultaneously. Regardless of the designation, the practical attire will affirm its legitimacy enabling the employee to feel a greater sense of ownership in the role. 

  1. Branded workwear unifies the group

As much as custom workwear for each role helps to distinguish the responsibilities of that role, wearing company-issued attire that’s trendy and high-quality unifies the team. Regardless of whether the team wears the branded blazer or a custom hoodie, they’re united under the same brand, the same colour scheme, and this reminds them that they’re each fulfilling different roles in achieving the same company goal. 

  1. Customised attire motivates workers and improve productivity

It sounds far-fetched but research proves it to be true. Workwear that’s trendy, flattering, and high quality can indeed improve employees’ commitment to their roles. The research out there suggests that the number one factor that all high-functioning teams have in common is that they’re highly engaged with the brand. Their verbal interaction with their colleagues, the sense of pride that they feel to be part of the group, and how involved they feel in the executive functions of the company will determine their dedication to their duties. Uniforms entrench staff in the brand, deepening how engaged the individual is. 

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