5 Tips to boost company culture in a post-lockdown workplace

Your team members are likely feeling tired and disconnected after being in isolation for so long. Here are 5 tips for boosting morale in a post-lockdown workplace.

As more businesses are going back to work, it’s difficult to figure out what the protocols should be in the workplace. After all, this pandemic isn’t something anyone had considered when they drafted their company policies or considered the company culture. Your team members are likely feeling tired and disconnected after being in isolation for so long. Here are 5 tips for boosting morale in a post-lockdown workplace. 

  1. Practice sensitivity

Many people have faced loss during the pandemic. For some, the losses are a direct result of the virus while others have had to grieve from a distance, prevented from being with their families due to social distancing and travel restrictions. Compassion is the key element that all seniors in the workplace need to implement. While the company may still have its service-level expectations in place, if there was ever a time for leniency and understanding, this would be it.  

  1. Re-think your current company policies

Have you always found working-from-home arrangements to be too complicated? 2020 is a year that may have forced you to reconsider those policies. While many workplaces are able to start functioning as normal again, it is important to remember that there are still vulnerable individuals among your team members you may prefer to keep socially distant. Nurseries and schools are also increasingly wary and send sick children home, meaning parents require more time off or a flexible working arrangement that enables them to be home with sick children.  

  1. Use branded merchandise to build a sense of belonging in the workplace

Branded workwear isn’t about creating uniformity in the workplace. It’s about connecting each worker with the team under a united group identity. For many people, after months of isolation and separation, small considerations like this will boost their morale. Remember, your corporate workwear can pay for itself when you use Reborn’s services, because we’re a sustainable brand, you can utilise your CSR budgets (we’ll help you to do this so that its completely legal and ethical). 

  1. Enlist your teams in virtual events

With a team that may still be scattered between various workplaces and some workers still performing their duties at home, it’s important for the team to come together in an informal way to touch base with each other. Sign your team up for online events to keep them bonded and feeling connected with each other. This can include HR workshops, online yoga classes, art classes, or optional exercise routines. 

  1. Get active in your CSR efforts (it boosts morale)

Get your team away from their desks and out in the world again. Making a positive impact on the world around us is a powerful morale booster. Arrange a beach cleanup for your team (we can turn your plastic bags of trash into high-quality workwear), volunteer at charity events, meet up at organisations that need assistance or adopt a spot in your area and plant flowers to improve the aesthetics of your community.