4 Fun and creative ways for the boss to end the year

Tying up the year on a strong note with your staff is a chance for a little team bonding too. Here are 4 fun ideas!

Tying up the year on a strong note with your staff is a chance for a little team bonding too. It’s the one time of the year that you can really invest a little budget into your event. The thought you put into this effort will demonstrate the company’s gratitude for the dedication and hard work that you’ve had from your staff during this tumultuous year. Here are 4 fun and creative ways to end the year on a high note. 

  1. Corporate gifting: Employee gifts

Employee gifting is less common in the sphere of corporate gifting in general, however, showing your appreciation for the hard work and dedication your staff have shown goes a long way in improving morale for the coming year. Gifting doesn’t have to be expensive and it also doesn't need to be generic and lack imagination. We might be a little biased, but the most thoughtful gift that serves both the business and the staff is high-quality and ultra-comfortable workwear. Custom hoodies, t-shirts, polo-shirts and blazers keep your brand visible and your staff neat. 

  1. Have a secret Santa gift-giving ceremony

Secret-Santa might not sound creative and unique but when you add a twist to this traditional gift-giving tradition, it becomes hilariously engaging. “As the staff show up, the boss takes their gifts and writes a number on them, then hands them a piece of paper with the same number on it. They write an unusual fact about themselves and put the paper in a hat. The boss pulls out the paper and reads the fact but not the number. People guess who the fact is about. The first person who guesses correctly gets the gift. The game continues until all gifts are claimed.”

  1. Get charitable and make it a team-bonding experience

The ultimate gift is the gift of giving. To see the joy on the face of the person you are giving a gift to. What if the gift you are giving is environmental and the joy you see is on the faces of your team as they help to remove the litter? Have your team arrive for a day outdoors, dressed warmly and equipped with gloves and bags to bag the trash. Once the designated area is clean, enjoy a meal together on the company. The best part? The trash you bagged so neatly can be turned into luxuriously soft and high-quality workwear, like hoodies. Contact us to learn how - it’s the perfect way to make the day memorable. 

  1. Have an unofficial award-ceremony to commemorate the most memorable moments of the year

Have some quirky people in your team? Take the time to record some of the funny exchanges between staff and hilarious mistakes that are made throughout the year. Have a smart dinner at the end of the and present each person with a unique award. Make sure it’s lighthearted so that no one feels ridiculed or unappreciated. For example: “most likely to disappear with the fairies” to someone who daydreams frequently, or “best at building castles in the sky” to someone with great ideas. It might take some creative thinking and Google research to come up with funny award ideas. 

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